Mentor, Mentoring & Mentorship – Grasping the nettle

image of Philip de Lisle seated with clientMost, if not all, board level directors and senior management can benefit from mentoring. All of us at one time or another have found it useful to discuss things with an outsider who can critique (rather than be critical) and not judge.

Using skills honed over 25 years as a serial entrepreneur growing (and exiting) companies from zero to over US$1billion valuations, Philip is adept at understanding the problems faced by senior executives and helping them find solutions. It’s not about knowing the answers but thinking and asking questions together about the problem in hand so that the solution presents itself.

Philip firmly believes that it is his job to “ask the unaskable and say the unsayable”. He challenges, taking people far outside their comfort zone because, in his view, it is one of the surest ways to effect change – change which helps to develop the individual but, more importantly, improves the bottom line. He is passionate about inspiring people to perform.

When you engage Philip as your mentor, don’t expect him to solve your problems. He believes that a good mentor “works on the business through the individual” (TM). He will, as he puts it, “clear away the weeds so that you can find the path” – you must discover the answers for yourself otherwise you will not “own” them. But when this happens, the return on investment can be significant for both you and your company.

Philip is also represented by TXG Ltd.