Poetry in Business – Fear

When I was having a clear out of old paperwork recently in anticipation of the incoming GDPR legislation, I came across a long forgotten poem I had written in 2005. Upon re-reading it, I remembered with extraordinary clarity why I’d written it. Like all entrepreneurs, I have had many dark days when I wondered a) why I was doing whatever it was that I was doing and b) how I was going to look after my staff, family and friends.

I know from the mentoring work that I now do that many leaders feel or have felt the same way at some point. And so I thought I’d publish my poor effort here in the hope that it might help someone articulate how they feel so that they can deal with it and move on.



I want to talk about fear.

The cold, dark place in my mind
where I sit, damp with sweat
and paralysed, unable to focus
for fear of


What exactly am I afraid of?
Fear of failure?
I’ve done it before so I know how.

Fear of the unknown?
But I've always loved a Challenge,
always treated life as a game.

Fear of change?
Hmm, good question.
Am I afraid of change?
Do I no longer love a Challenge?

Fear? What is fear?

Am I afraid of being afraid?

Fear? What is fear?

A state of mind.

That I must control!

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