TEAM with Your Clients

Working with a client recently, they mentioned that they had started to hold internal lunchtime meetings to discuss how they were delivering projects for clients. They called these ‘TEAM Meetings’. “Why ‘TEAM’?” I asked thinking it stood for something, as it was all in capitals. Nobody was able to give me an answer which set me thinking.

I like the concept of TEAM as a delivery acronym. For me it means

T – Think (about what the client needs)
E – Engage (with the client and other stakeholders)
A – Action (build it – create the ‘something’ your company delivers to clients)
M – Manage (the system, the client and the other stakeholders)

Yes, I like this a lot …


  1. A popular acronym is Together Everyone Achieves More.

    also ….

    A riposte to someone saying, “I am not doing that …etc.” is “There’s no letter ‘I’ in the word TEAM”

  2. A good point!

    Funnily enough I wasn’t thinking about “the team” as in the people when I came up with my acronym but about giving the guys some focus as to what what they were trying/needing to achieve.

    I must confess that I find most team building acronyms to be nothing but platitudes – indeed to my mind they come close to insulting the intelligence of the very people they are trying to motivate which is clearly counter-productive. My preference is for those which aim to achieve real and measurable results as they are much more meaningful to everyone in the room.

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