The Persona of Business People

For a long time now, whenever I’ve been talking to a potential client about their desire to growth their business, I’ve been struck by how they almost always fit into two distinct groups.

The first group are those that are in a hurry. They don’t want to learn, they just want to be told what to do. And they want results by yesterday. This group is ripe to be “harvested” by consultants.

My concern for this group is that any growth achieved is unlikely to be sustainable. Why? Because the business owners didn’t want to learn, they just wanted answers. So when market conditions change, they have no knowledge to fall back on so must engage consultants again to tell them what to do. I know many business people who complain about consultants and what they get from them for their money – I’m sure you do too. I think that’s unfair on consultants in general because they cannot be blamed if clients don’t learn from their past.

So what do I call the persona for this group?

“Dan Dash”.

The other group want to learn to be better at business. They accept that to increase the value in their business they need to make fundamental changes that will reap rewards long after the event – often years. They understand the difference between being told what to do and using someone like me to ask questions that allow them to figure out the best answer for their needs. They are very clear and focused about what they want for their business, their staff and themselves. In my experience they become ambassadors, regularly introducing potential future clients and/or readily agreeing to be a reference. They often become good friends.

Meet “Clara Clarity”.

I know which persona I want to work with. How about you?

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