About Philip

As a former serial entrepreneur, I have a passion for growing businesses, often by turning them around. During that career, I founded 11 companies worldwide, seven of which I sold, and I bought a further 15. These companies operated in various industries such as the motor trade, advertising and PR, software development/IT and telecoms.

I retired in 2002 at the age of 43, but my drive to help others soon kicked in and I re-entered the working world setting up Enhancing Clarity. Initially, a number of my clients appointed me to their Boards as Non-Executive Chair. This experience gave me a further understanding of how other people’s businesses operate, and to develop the acumen needed to work with the diverse opinions, cultures and focus that comes from working with a Board of Directors.

I’ve spent more than two decades crafting my mentoring and coaching skills. I’m fortunate to be working, or have worked, with companies all around the world, across all kinds of industries and sectors, as the experience section of my LinkedIn profile shows (for the link to work, you must be logged in to LinkedIn).

I love to see the transformations I’m supporting come to fruition. Not only is it great to see businesses operating more efficiently, but also there’s no better feeling than helping their owner(s) achieve their goals. I’m humbled that I’ve been described by some clients as “the Business Growth Guru”.

“Philip has an excellent quality, he listens. He has great insight, questions effectively and has the patience and skill to mentor”


Why work with Enhancing Clarity?

Building a successful business, especially for significant growth or preparing it to sell, takes a huge amount of perspiration, tears and dedication.

Between myself and the other trusted professionals I can call upon, I’ve built up a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience over the years. I’ve put together everything that I’ve learned (the good, the bad and the ugly), so you benefit without having to go through years of this pain.

Put simply, working with Enhancing Clarity and I significantly increase the chances of all your hard work paying off. Seeing the momentum grow and the challenges diminish will give you greater belief that the future you deserve is obtainable.


My YouTube channel is dedicated to providing valuable information to both business owners and investors.